Intermittent Living

Be free. Be ancestral. Be Intermittent. Be well.

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Be free.
Be ancestral.
Be Intermittent.
Be well.

What is Intermittent Living?

Intermittent Living is an ancestral life experience, which gives you back an environment full of stimuli and multiple challenges. This unique design is based on research and science and has been shown to improve global health parameters, from metabolic indicators to psycho-emotional health parameters.

This program recreates the ancient living conditions of hunter-gatherers to which our immune and metabolic systems are truly adapted. All carried out in a controlled environment.

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Which skills & tools will you gain?

Controlled exposure to low doses of environmental stress has been proven to produce beneficial effects. You will under the supervision and guidance of Dr.Leo Pruimboom carry out health-enhancing strategies such as:

Intermittent fasting

Alternating between periods of fasting and eating on a regular schedule. Promotes metabolic and cardiovascular health, increases memory and energy, and fights aging.

Intermittent hydration

Getting back on track, feeling thirsty and drinking less frequently are very novel tools that optimize the fluid and mineral regulation system in the body but also have an amazing effect on neurology and behaviour. It is a universally necessary intervention due to our lifestyle.

Intermittent cold

Controlled exposure to low temperatures. This challenge has a rapid impact on the regulation and tone of the nervous system, improves tolerance and response to stress, and improves metabolism and low-grade inflammation.

Intermittent heat

Exposure to high temperatures beyond inducing a feeling of relaxation, it offers great cardiovascular, metabolic and immunological benefits.

Intermittent hypoxia

The short-term controlled reduction of oxygen exposure activates multiple responses at the cellular level that are protective for the immune system and the brain.

Intermittent hypercapnia

This allows a momentary accumulation of carbon dioxide in the bloodstream to which we have to quickly adapt. Therefore, it offers systemic immunological, neurological and metabolic benefits.

High variability of foods and fermented nutrition

Variability allows exposure to multiple nutrients and micronutrients, these not only regulate our metabolism, digestion and immune response but also our biotransformational life. In addition, especially fermented foods are considered super foods since they contain varieties of bacteria and fungi, and numerous substances produced by them that are essential to nourish and regulate our microbiome.


The practice of bringing your attention to the present moment without evaluation, is a very powerful tool to overcome chronic stress, responsible for many diseases.

Deep learning

During the experience, each of the strategies and concepts will be explained in depth. In-depth knowledge and understanding of mechanisms facilitate positive whole-body health effects and the changes needed to achieve stable improvement in health.

Who is it for?

We aim to empower everyone to take control of their health! This strategy resets physical, psychological & social health, both in healthy individuals & those with a range of pathologies. However, you are not recommended to join this program unless you are inspired to challenge yourself. If you have any health conditions or dietary requirements, get in touch with us and we’ll let you know how we can accommodate your needs.

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For professionals

Any individuals with a medical or paramedical background, including personal traines, nurses, sport scientists, medical doctors, physiotherapists, naturopaths etc have the possibility to do an exam after the week in order to qualify and become an Intermittent Living Coach

What is the foundation of Intermittent Living?

The world in which our ancestors evolved is very different from the one we know today. For hundreds of thousands of years, short bursts of environmental stress ― such as harsh fluctuations in temperature and limited food availability ― were the norm.

Homo sapiens evolved in response to these survival setbacks. Not only did they encourage us to develop creative solutions, they also instilled us with resistance – right down to our cells.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and our species faces an entirely new set of challenges to which we are not adapted. Air pollution, poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle cause low-grade inflammation of the immune system ― a state that is linked to diabetes, depression, and other chronic illnesses.

We’ve built our modern environment around our wants, not our needs. Ironically, it’s these hyper-comforts that can make us the most sick.

However, genetically, we are no different from ancient hunter-gatherers. Intermittent Living recreates the survival activities that we are naturally programmed to carry out. The aim: to reactivate our health, and protect us from the negative effects of modern life.

This concept puts into action the principles of psychoneuroimmunology: an integrating science that studies interconnected body systems and how they’re influenced by an individual’s psychological, social and ecological context. These interrelationships all play a vital role in our health.

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Who is Leo Pruimboom?

Dr. Leo Pruimboom is a pioneer in clinical psychoneuroimmunology, a translational medical discipline that studies the interaction between the neurological, endocrine, immune and metabolic systems, and their role in our health and wellbeing.

A biochemist by training, he has dedicated his career to developing medical protocols that not only treat the symptoms of diseases, but also address their underlying physiological, social and ecological causes. He trains medical and paramedical professionals in this integrative approach at the Pruimboom Institute, which he heads up as Founder and CEO.

Recognizing a need to bring these concepts to the general population, Dr. Pruimboom created Intermittent Living: a series of practical strategies that rebalance health and promote wellness. He has published several scientific papers on its benefits in both healthy individuals and those with various pathologies.

Location & Accomondation

Heal & Challenge yourself by the swedish fjords, ancient forest & hundreds of islands.

Dates – 16th -22nd of July

Kärlingesund is a retreat center, situated in a beautiful spot in the lush, green province of Bohuslän just a couple of hundred steps from the sea, where you will find hundreds of islands. It combines Swedish tradition and bohemian simplicity with a unique design that probably won’t remind you of anything you’ve seen before. The rooms can be individual or shared with a Scandinavian style. The bathrooms and showers are shared, combining simplicity and Nordic eco-sustainability. The center is located in the middle of the Kärlingesund Nature Reserve, which is famous for its fields, rocky ice landscapes, beautiful oak and beech forests and close proximity to the meandering waterways of the Nordströmarna (Northern Streams). This makes Kärlingesund a unique place where we can rediscover an environment that returns us to nature inside and out.

What is included?

  • 6 nights’ accommodation
  • Food designed specifically for each day´s activities & health goals.
  • Supervision of all activities and adaptation of these to the state of each participant
  • Blood analysis & an Intermittent Living Health Certificate
  • Daily blood glucose & blood pressure measurements
  • Anthropometric measurements
  • Theoretical lessons on the scientific basis of all the strategies used
  • Transfer from Gothenburgs center & airport.
  • All activities- hiking, kayaking etc

Intermittent Living Health Certificates

Our research-backed methodology restores a dynamic balance, the perfect tonic for the stressors of modern life. You will feel these benefits in your mind & body as well as witness these changes in your own blood and urine tests. After the program, you will receive a personalized Intermittent Living Health Certificate with the evolution of key health biomarkers present in your body. 20+ markers are sampled & analyzed at the beginning & end of the week! 


Joakim Jigerius
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Phone – +34 617 45 05 04 (call or whatsapp)

“The use of ancient challenges acts as the perfect vaccine against the detrimental effects of modern life. ”
Dr. Leo Pruimboom
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