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6 days to reset your health
in an enchanting natural setting

Activation of longevity; One step beyond the need for calorie restriction

Become resilient against modern life, use its benefits, and counter its possible deleterious effects

What is Intermittent Living?

A unique program in which life itself becomes the medicine against aging and its consequences. Longevity is no more than the capacity of rejuvenation and that is what we offer you; ‘Going back to the future’.

Intermittent Living is a strategy that recreates the ancient hunter-collector living conditions to which our immune system and metabolism are truly adapted, in a controlled environment.

Our research-backed methodology restores a dynamic balance, the perfect tonic for the stressors of modern life.


Challenge your mind


Push your physical limits


 Make valuable connections


Reset your emotions


Regain control of your health

Dr. Leo Pruimboom sitting looking to the right
“The use of ancient challenges acts as the perfect vaccine against the detrimental effects of modern life. ”
Dr. Leo Pruimboom, Phd
Want to experience the benefits of intermittent living?
Be free

From air pollution to sedentarism, our bodies are not adapted to the harmful effects of modern life. Take a 6-day break and free yourself.

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Be ancestral
Intermittent Living returns you to an ancestral way of life that is scientifically proven to improve physical and mental health.
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Be intermittent
Under the supervision and guidance of trained clinical specialists, you will carry out health-enhancing strategies such as intermittent fasting, intermittent cold & heat, and more.
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Be well
At the end of the program, you will receive a personalised Intermittent Living Health Certificate with the evolution of key health biomarkers present in blood and urine.
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Activities: Intermittent hypoxia
A controlled short-term reduction in oxygen exposure. At the cellular level, it activates multiple protective responses in the immune system and the brain.
/ Intermittent hypercapnia
Allowing a momentary buildup of carbon dioxide in the bloodstream. It has immunological, neurological and metabolic benefits.
/ Intermittent fasting
Alternating between periods of fasting and eating on a regular schedule. It promotes heart health, boosts memory and energy, and fights aging.
/ Intermittent hydration
Hydrating oneself in a natural way, from a feeling of thirst to satiation, to optimize our body’s fluid regulation system. It’s not a question of drinking less water, but drinking less often.
/ Varied diet + fermented diet
Fermented food are those that have had their sugars broken down by bacteria or yeast. They improve digestion and boost immunity.
/ Intermittent Heat&Cold
Exposure to hot air or steam in a sauna. Beyond just relaxation, there are proven benefits for the cardiovascular, metabolic and immune system. And controlled exposure to short bursts of low temperatures. This activity activates the nervous system, reduces stress, and fights inflammation.
/ Mindfulness
The practice of bringing your attention to the present moment without evaluation. It is a very powerful tool to overcome chronic stress, which is responsible for many illnesses.
/ Deep learning
Each of the Intermittent Living strategies and concepts will be explained in depth. Deep knowledge and understanding of the mechanisms by the individual/person facilitates positive health effects throughout the body.

“I have participated in several editions. The results are visible in a very short time and that has led me to also organize the program for my patients in Spain.”

Pepe Cancela


“I went into this experience riddled with inflammation. I’ve overcome both mental and physical obstacles, and I walked away pain-free

Sarah Vandaele

Physical Coach

“In an intense week you have updated learning to improve your health and that of your patients.”



“By means of various hormetic stimuli such as cold, hypoxia, among others. A total reset of body and mind is achieved”

Robin Witte


Are you interested in becoming an Intermittent Living Coach?
Frequently asked questions
What is Intermittent Living?

It is a medical protocol, an experience and a science-based practice all at once. It enables you to recover your own biorhythm: one of the most important needs of the modern human.

What are the benefits of becoming an Intermittent Living coach?

Once you become an Intermittent Living coach, you gain the right to organize Intermittent Living events for your clients, patients, and even for businesses and organizations. You will be required to pay a fee of 1000 euros per event to Pruimboom Institute. In return, you will have access to bespoke advice from our team of experts, who will also help you interpret the results of the event.

What if I am not able to attend a Health Experience?

Please consult our terms and conditions. We provide full details of what to do if illness or other reasons prevent you from attending one of our events.

Who will lead/teach the Intermittent Living week?

Each Intermittent Living Health Experience is led by a qualified mentor. All of our mentors have been trained by the founder of the Intermittent Living Concept and protocol, Dr. Leo Pruimboom.

Why do the different locations have different prices?

The prices depend on hotel costs, local economic circumstances and extra events (Peru).