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  • An integrative Method

An integrative method two million years in the making

The world in which our ancestors evolved is very different from the one we know today. For hundreds of thousands of years, short bursts of environmental stress — such as harsh fluctuations in temperature and limited food availability — were the norm.

Homo sapiens evolved in response to these survival setbacks. Not only did they encourage us to develop creative solutions, they also instilled us with resistance – right down to our cells.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and our species faces an entirely new set of challenges to which we are not adapted. Air pollution, poor diet and a sedentary lifestyle cause low-grade inflammation of the immune system — a state that is linked to diabetes, depression, and other chronic illnesses.

We’ve built our modern environment around our wants, not our needs. Ironically, it’s these hyper-comforts that can make us the most sick.

Taking back control of our health

Genetically, we are no different from ancient hunter-gatherers. Intermittent Living recreates the survival activities that we are naturally programmed to carry out. The aim: to reactivate our health, and protect us from the negative effects of modern life.

This concept puts into action the principles of psychoneuroimmunology: an integrating science that studies interconnected body systems and how they’re influenced by an individual’s psychological, social and ecological context. These interrelationships all play a vital role in our health.

Our mision

To facilitate wellness, boost recovery, and inspire all humans to adapt and self-manage in the face of social, physical, and emotional challenges.

Our vision

To reverse the burden of the major epidemics of the modern era by promoting a proactive, rather than reactive, approach to health.
Intermittent Living Institute
Dr. Leo Pruimboom

Intermittent Living Institute

We aim to empower everyone to take control of their health.

The International Institute of Intermittent Living offers training programs centered on a group of practical health-enhancing strategies collectively known as Intermittent Living.

Grounded in the principles of psychoneuroimmunology, this research-backed strategy resets physical, psychological and social health, both in healthy individuals and those with a range of pathologies.

Action lines

  • Intermittent Living Academy: for health professionals who want to become an Intermittent Living coach or mentor, to help others reset their health. Learn more!

  • Intermittent Living Boost: for anyone who wants to take part in the Intermittent Living program and experience a week-long health reset. Take part!

  • Intermittent Living Research: for health professionals and researchers who want to contribute to the growing body of knowledge on the benefits of Intermittent Living. Contact us!



    • Dr. Leo Pruimboom 

Scientific Committee

    • Dr. Leo Pruimboom
    • Dr. Bernardo Ortin 
    • Dr. Frits Muskiet
    • Dr. Marion Raab
Dr. Leo Pruimboom
Dr. Leo Pruimboom

Dr. Leo Pruimboom is a pioneer in clinical psychoneuroimmunology, a translational medical discipline that studies the interaction between the neurological, endocrine, immune and metabolic systems, and their role in our health and wellbeing.

A biochemist by training, he has dedicated his career to developing medical protocols that not only treat the symptoms of diseases, but also address their underlying physiological, social and ecological causes. He trains medical and paramedical professionals in this integrative approach at the Pruimboom Institute, which he heads up as Founder and CEO.

Recognizing a need to bring these concepts to the general population, Dr. Pruimboom created Intermittent Living: a series of practical strategies that rebalance health and promote wellness. He has published several scientific papers on its benefits in both healthy individuals and those with various pathologies.