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Refresh & update
your knowledge as a coach

The Intermittent Living Refresher Course is for anyone who already successfully completed the Intermittent Living Coach training.
This annual training gives you the opportunity to continue to guide your clients in the most qualitative and responsible way. During these days you will fully emerge in intermittent living and deepen your understanding and capacity as a coach. Dr. Leo Pruimboom, the founder of the concept, will share his insights, the most up-to-date research and answer any questions you might have. You will leave this course with more clarity, and become better skilled as a coach in order to lead your clients towards a healthier life. And once you have completed this refresher course, you will also be able to extend your annual license.

  • 4th afternoon-  6th noon,  September 2024
  • Lesson content
  • Meals
  • Overnight stay
Belgium, Au dessus du Bie, Séchery 137, Redu.
* The training is not eligible for the SME-Portfolio