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Health Experiences

Why Intermittent?

Controlled exposure to low doses of environmental stress has been scientifically proven to produce beneficial effects. Discover how each activity in our program restores health.

Intermittent fasting

Alternating between periods of fasting and eating on a regular irregular schedule. Food is more than necessary; eating at the right time, the right place and the right frequency produces miracles.

Intermittent hydration

You were 70% water the day you were born. (Today you are definitely less water than the day you were born). Water is the second most important nutrient for every human. Drinking the right way is the way to recovery your youth.

Intermittent cold

Controlled exposure to short bursts of low and moderate low temperatures. Understanding the timing and durations of these temperatures, as well as the impact ‘social-cold’ has, works as medicine against viral diseases, cancer, and chronic pain/fatigue.

Intermittent heat

Heat as medicine. Fever as the most effective way to kill pathogens. Heat exposure combined with smelling herbs is something that resets all human systems for a long time.

Intermittent hypoxia

A moment without oxygen and your body recovers resilience. Intermittent breathwork makes you more than resilient; it recovers health.

Intermittent hypercapnia

What can CO2 be used for?

After understanding its impact and function, you will rephrase this question to

 ‘What can’t CO2 be used for?’

Hypercapnia is a kind of panacea intervention. It is all about doses, timing, and frequency.

Varied & fermented diet

Fermented food has been part of human diet for thousands of years. Recover your gut health and recover your brain. Those two systems are responsible for the fact that you prevail.

Mindfulness & positive affect training

The brain is the organ in charge of everything, knowing that everything is everywhere at the same time.

Deep learning

Insight, or ‘o ja Erlebnisse’ can change both the brain’s and body’s structure and function -in the blink of an eye. When the Hippocampus understands; permission for changes is automatically given. Knowledge is power, wisdom is life.

At the end of the program, you will receive a personalized Intermittent Living Health Certificate with the evolution of key health biomarkers present in your body.

We guarantee that you will leave feeling revitalized, reinvigorated, and a healthier version of you.

Who is it for?

Anyone can sign up for a Health Experience. We encourage people from all walks of life to join us and enjoy the benefits of Intermittent Living.

If you have any health conditions or dietary requirements, get in touch with us and we’ll let you know how we can accommodate your needs.

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What’s included?
  • 6 nights hotel accommodation
  • Gourmet food
  • Accident insurance
  • Fermented food workshop
  • Supervision of all activities and adaptation of these to the state of each participant
  • Blood and urine tests on arrival and departure days
  • Daily blood glucose and blood pressure measurements
  • Anthropometric measurements on arrival and departure days
  • Theoretical lessons on the scientific basis of all the strategies used
  • Book with all the information about the concept
  • Airport transfer
Final price
Intermittent Living for Businesses

Looking for ideas for your next team building experience?
Intermittent Living lets your team disconnect, reset and reconnect.
Contact us to find out how we can tailor a package to your needs

Specialized Programs

Would you like us to design a private group experience for you? Contact us to find out how we can tailor a package to your needs.

Intermittent Living Health Certificates

At the end of any Intermittent Living program, you will receive a personalized Health Certificate with the evolution of key health biomarkers.